Beyond two souls




What we had was just like a league of legends that suddenly transformed into a battlefield. No, actually it was worst, it was a freaking star wars.

Sorry, baby, for breaking resident evil on you and for hitting with my wrath like a mass effect. I am truly sorry for that, sweety, but I was angry. I still want you to remember me for who I really am, the one who’s call of duty is to mentain that pure and beautiful halo around your soul. Forgive me for transforming you into a God of war forcing you to show me both your blade and soul.

I am sure that even the devil may cry if he could see the real red dawn that was surrounding us. We lived into a crysis, we had a need for speed and we didn’t noticed that we were heading to a dead island.

Please be my fable once again, and let me be the portal that takes you to a land where you can live your final fantasy.


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